• Mary

Weekend Workout

Alright guys time to get your heart rate up! This workout only takes a pair to dumbbells so no excuses! I used 10 pound weights, but I'd recommend using a light and heavy set.  Make sure to focus on form or technique. Ready, set, go!!💪🏻

Finish each set before moving onto the next! All exercises are total reps.


Alternating Lunge bicep curl 20 Squat Bicep curl press 20 High knees x100 X3 _________ 1 dumbbell frog hops 20 Goblet squat clean 20 Mountain climbers x75 X3 _________ Weighted burpee 20 Prison lunge delt raise 20 (10 per leg) jumping jacks x50 X3

_________ Burnout 🔥: Do 50 seconds with 10 sec rest before moving onto the next move. Do 1-3 rounds.

  • Weighted bicycles

  • Forearm plank

  • Side plank toe taps

  • Side plank toe taps on other side

  • Leg raises


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