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Let's Talk...Stress Awareness

Let’s Talk about stress awareness month! It’s held every April so I feel like I should talk about it before the month is up!

First, let’s talk about the physiologic stress response. It’s embedded in all of us, and what we know of as the “fight or flight” response. When encountered with a stressful occurrence our bodies go into survival mode and stress hormones rush into our bodies. These hormones can elevate our blood pressure, increase our heart rates, increase our sugar levels, and affect our immune and digestive systems!

Small bits of stress are protective, but when it becomes chronic it can really affect ones health.

So. Here are some ways to combat it (these may seem like common sense, but sometimes it helps to be reminded):

  • Recognize it and let it go.

  • Take a deep breath in. Hold it for 1-2-3 seconds and exhale

  • Don’t get anxious about situations you cannot control!

  • Take care of yourself!

  • Go walk, stretch or do yoga, read a book, spend time with friends or family.

  • Laugh, laugh, laugh because “a day without laughter is a day wasted!”

Hope y’all have an amazing Tuesday!


This is my mom! She just turned 60 yesterday.. doesn’t she look amazing?!

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