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Let's Talk...Motivation!

Let’s talk about motivation.  I’ve had quite the lack of motivation recently along with some serious lack of energy! I wanted to share this with all of you to reiterate that no one is perfect, no one has all the answers, and no one has all the energy all the time, and It’s OKAY!! It’s so important to not beat yourself up if you get off track, and I wanted all of you to know it too!

I was super motivated and focused before my sister’s bachelorette party, and was honestly thinking I was invincible. 5 days later, it hit me! It’s been a month since the festivities, and TBH, I’ve definitely been a little lazier, and with that come a bit more splurging. I’ve missed some gym sessions, sat on the couch instead of gone for walks, eaten out instead of cooked…eaten all the cookies!

Eating well and exercising takes hard work, and a lot of discipline. It’s not easy. It takes dedication and time. It’s a HABIT! I had to remind myself this past week that I need to focus on small victories. This has really helped me gain back all the love and passion I have for a healthy lifestyle! Every gym class I attend, each meal I prepare, each drink I swap for water...all the things!  I’ve also leaned on my family for extra support …they’ve given me that extra kick in the butt to go go go!

It’s still a work in progress, but my mood is brighter, and my outlook stronger!

I want yall to know that it’s ok if you hit a slump in your routine or have a bad day or get a little off track. It happens to all of us and it doesn’t mean you’ve failed! We got this!

Here's a little extra motivation..my favorite quote:

"Please don't have a nice day....

Have a day that matters.

Have a day that's true.

Have a day that's direct.

Have a day that's honest.

A nice day, nn uh you'll be miserable.

As you're doing your house work, your home work, your driving work, your playing work, your working work

Have a day that means something "

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