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Let's Talk...How to Open a Coconut!

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

  1. Buy a coconut (most grocery stores have them)

2. Take a sharp knife and trim away the exterior flesh on the top of the coconut to expose the harder surface beneath.

3. With the heal of the knife safely and firmly tap the surface of the coconut where the brown exposed surface meets the untrimmed portion. You may have to do this circumferentially around the coconut.

4. Once "cracked" you will be able to get under a circular flap that you can gently lift and pull away

5. Don't forget to save the fresh coconut water! Pour into separate container.

6. Using a rubber spatula (or spoon) scoop/peal the coconut meat from the coconut.

7. Transfer meat to airtight container for 4-5 days to use for any recipe you want!


now that you know how to open a coconut I'll share my homemade yogurt recipe soon!


If you happen to open your coconut and it's purple do not eat it! Return it. The coconut has gone bad and no one wants to eat a rancid coconut!

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