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Let's Talk...Fat Loss!

Let’s talk about fat loss. Last week I discussed the types of fat in the body. This week I want to talk about where fat goes when you lose it. I am pretty sure we all know where it goes when we gain it , right?!

Everyone talks about burning fat, but what does that actually mean? Do you know where the fat actually goes?

Well, Let me tell you...

When the body requires energy, such as during exercise, blood flow increases to the fat tissue allowing the stored fat to be broken down and used all over the body! Once that stored energy is broken down your body then converts it into carbon dioxide and water. So essentially, you end up breathing, peeing, and sweating it out!

Sorry to say just breathing (which releases carbon dioxide) won’t help you lose weight (please, don’t try to rapidly huff and puff bc you’ll hyperventilate)!

The best way to do it is by muscle movement ...aka... exercise!

So, now that you know WHERE the fat goes here’s HOW to lose it —>

y’all already know what I’m going to say....

1️⃣ Minimize processed foods:

  • Eating a well balanced diet is super important so you don’t add to those fat stores.


  • Get those steps in!

  • Try for 30 minutes of activity daily

  • Try to incorporate weights

3️⃣ Find a buddy

4️⃣ Hold yourself accountable


How interesting is all this though?

Happy Tuesday!

More recipes on the way

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