• Mary

Let's Talk...Being mindful while still having fun!

Let’s talk about summertime, special occasions, holiday weekends, and cookouts! Now that summer is upon us I want to discuss having fun and enjoying yourself while still being mindful. Summer is one of my favorite times of year, and I love hanging outside with family and friends, especially over a fire enjoying yummy foods together (or inside eating cake 😉)! One thing I try to keep in mind is if I know I have somewhere to go, I try to eat really well beforehand, knowing I’ll probably splurge a little while at the gathering! If I plan to have an alcohol beverage then I will have 1 less serving of (starchy) carbs that day. Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re a super snacker like me, and are more prone to get several small portions (which can get us into trouble since we have no idea how much we’ve actually eaten) is limiting your servings to 2 plates of food. All I can say is eat until you’re full...do NOT eat until you’re stuffed to the max!

I personally don’t worry too much when I’m out to eat or at a party bc it’s a special occasion. Enjoy yourself, but treat your body with respect and we’ll all be happy campers!

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