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Let’s Talk about the Flu Vaccine

I want to share you with you a quick, but imformative post about the flu vaccine by Dr. Kimberly Rogers. She hits the nail on the head with the one! Read on below 👇

“Why would I inject myself with the flu virus to prevent me from getting the flu?”

I hear this probably twice a week. IT continues to amaze me how much misconception about the flu vaccine exists. People that willingly accept ther vaccines, but not this one, make me (emoji). But I love dispelling myths so here we go:

The flu vaccine does NOT contain a live flu virus. It just doesn’t…Some vaccines do, but not this one.

The vaccine contains a (dead) PIECE of influenza so that our immune systems can go, “hey what’s THIS foreign thing??!” And build immune cells to try to fight it. That’s how vaccines work.

The immune response is what helps us quickly attack the REAL flu virus when we’re exposed to it, which will hopefully prevent us from being infected, or at least have a less severe infection if we do contact it.

It takes about 2 weeks after the vaccine to mount the immune response!


thanks again Dr. Rogers!

Another reminder ...The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months and older 💉👩🏻‍⚕️



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